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Raju Gupta: Hamirpur

Sudhir Sharma: Ludhiana

Ajay Patial: Nakodar

Rajeev Kumar: Bilaspur

Sarnjeet Singh: Chandigarh

Bhanu Singh: Indore

Sujata Kumari: New Delhi

Ahmad Khan: Badodra

Ashwani Kumar: Banglore

Seema Devi: Anandpur

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Mukesh Patial: Jind

Thakur Dass: Mandi

Suresh Prabhu: Meerut

Momin Akhtar : Akbarpur

Ravi Malhotra: Sitapur

Surjeet Singh: Surat

Aman Mandotra: Hoshiarpur

Suman Lata: Shimla

Poonam Devi: Doraha

Kuldeep Singh : Hamirpur

Sahil Singh: Ghumarwin

Kishori Lal : Bilaspur

Jai Gopal: Vijnour

Surender Dhiman: Sitapur

Ajeet Singh: Doraha

Paramjeet: Chandigarh

Rekha: Mandi

Surinder Dhiman: Manali

Hira Singh: Shimla

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